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What We Believe?

At First Touch Sports, we believe that we can make a positive difference in the lives of young people – one relationship at a time. Our formula for impacting lives is really very simple. We create the opportunities that they are looking for…the chance to be with friends, to work hard and play soccer and to test their skills versus other teams in the Richmond area…and by doing this, we earn the right to teach them important lessons about sports and life. It’s what we like to call a Win-Win!


The Life Skills™ Soccer Program

The Life Skills™ Soccer Program is a research-based after-school program that focuses on teaching the social, emotional and cognitive skills that children need to develop to be successful in school, soccer and life.

Read more about the Life Skills™ Soccer Program


Chesterfield United FC Partnership

First Touch Sports and Chesterfield United FC form official partnership! Click here to read the full story.First Touch boys at Ultimate Cup

New Soccer League Coming to Bensley Community

Los Niños Soccer League is a new recreation soccer league for boys and girls ages 4 through middle school. For more information click here


Younger players Los Ninos Soccer League





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